Cutting Sugar in the American Diet

Working with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, we set a bold new goal to reduce beverage calories consumed per person nationally by an additional 20% by 2025. This Balance Calories Initiative is our voluntary, long-term commitment to creating a healthier nation by changing how Americans buy and consume our products.

National Campaign, Local Focus

The Balance Calories Initiative is a national initiative that’s increasing access to beverages with less sugar, and smaller proportions—in stores and restaurants down the street and across the country. And we are focused locally in communities where obesity rates are above the national average, and there is less availability and demand for beverages with less sugar or no sugar at all, and smaller portions. We’re using a test-and-learn approach to find ways to encourage these communities to try these new options to reduce the sugar they consume from beverages. The first five areas are communities within Los Angeles, Little Rock, New York City, Greater Montgomery, Alabama and the Mississippi Delta. As we learn what works, we’ll expand these efforts to similar areas across the country.

How We’re Supporting Your Efforts to Balance

Here are just a few ways we’re making it easier to find the choice that’s right for you:

Getting the Word Out

We know that balance is important. So we’re putting our collective marketing expertise behind these efforts to make finding that balance a little easier. Together, Coca-Cola, Dr Pepper and Pepsi are reminding consumers to think “balance” when choosing a beverage. That’s why you’ll see reminders like “Balance what you eat, drink and do” and “Calories count. Check then choose.” on coolers and vending machines across the country. These messages remind you to make the beverage choice that fits your day.

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