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Our efforts include:

  • Working with retailers to display and offer zero-sugar beverages
  • Offering in-store samples and other incentives to try new beverages with less sugar
  • Working with partners to educate families about reducing sugar
  • Raising calorie awareness by providing educational materials

And our efforts are working. A recent report shows that calories consumed from beverages are declining in every community where we’re measuring progress.

Learn more about some of our partners:

Barrio Action Youth & Family Center

Barrio Action works to empower young people to succeed both academically and socially, which includes increasing their understanding of life choices. The beverage industry continues to support their nutrition programs to include beverage education and awareness through Barrio’s Balance Ambassadors, or promotoras, in their outreach at local events, trainings and meetings.

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The Campaign Against Hunger

The Campaign Against Hunger’s mission is to empower their neighbors to lead healthier, more productive and self-sufficient lives by increasing access to nutritious food and related resources. It partnered with the beverage industry to promote balance, specifically related to beverage education and awareness, in its “Healthy Families Healthy Communities” nutrition workshops.

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Washington Literacy Center

The Washington Literacy Center helps District of Columbia residents learn to read to advance their opportunities to complete education, find employment and stay out of poverty. It has been a partner of the beverage industry in supporting a message of balanced diet and understanding reading nutrition labels with a focus on non-alcoholic beverages.

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Positive Atmosphere Reaches Kids

Positive Atmosphere Reaches Kids (P.A.R.K.) offers central Arkansas’ at-risk children education, recreation and community service programs. Its collaboration with the beverage industry includes distribution of co-branded Balance Calories education resources to spread awareness of ways in which to reduce sugar from beverages.

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Casa Familiar

Casa Familiar works to enhance quality of life for individuals and families through education, advocacy, service programming, art and culture, housing and community/economic development. Our partnership supports in part, its promotoras who work with hundreds of community residents to advance nutrition and health education.

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Hip Hop Public Health

Hip Hop Public Health (HHPH) works to build health equity through the transformative power of music, art and science. With the support of the beverage industry, HHPH incorporates a message of balance into its online curriculum, which includes healthy lifestyle education, videos, raps and physical activity vignettes.

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U.S. Conference of Mayors

Our partnership with the U.S. Conference of Mayors supports cities in advancing innovative, cost-effective program strategies that focus on the physical and environmental health of their communities. This includes preventing and reducing childhood obesity through programs that educate children and families on the importance of balancing calories and staying active.

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African American Mayors Association

In partnership with the African American Mayors Association, we have created a multi-year grant program to help address and eliminate disparities in nutrition access, affordability, and education in cities across the country. The grants will provide funding to cities led by African American mayors for resources like community gardens, mobile veggie and fruit stands, education efforts and food security programs.

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